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FlexKrete Benefits

Time & Money Savings
The traditional concrete repair entails cutting out, hauling off, re-baring, re-pouring and closing down traffic for extended periods of time.  Most businesses cannot afford the hassle!  Replace this noise, dust, mess and delay with the ease and speed of FlexKrete!  FLEXKRETE IT!

Trip Hazards
ELIMINATE THOSE HIGH LIABILITY TRIP HAZARDS!  Whether large potholes or small breaks, today that liability is greater than ever.  FlexKrete can help protect your assets, quickly and effectively.

Vertical Repair
FlexKrete was used to repair this broken wall on the President George Bush Turnpike (pictured right).  Even the broken pieces remained in-place during repair.  FlexKrete can be painted in about an hour after completion.

Dock Repair
The entire edge of a loading dock was broken off about 10” back and a foot deep.  It was cleaned and filled with FlexKrete

Spalled Concrete
The rapid deterioration of spalls can be stopped, while eliminating the inconvenience of cutting out and pouring new concrete.  Business continues as normal, without the long-term interruption.

Curb Repair
Broken pieces are removed, then the curb is reformed using FlexKrete.  With FlexKrete, gutter cutouts or rebar are often unnecessary.

High Speed Traffic
FlexKrete stands up to high speed traffic, whether feather-edged or in deep potholes, AND, week-long traffic jams are eliminated.

Armor Joint Repair
A common problem on bridges is for the iron joints to break or move, which causes the concrete to loosen and break from around them.  Broken metal, as well as broken concrete, is then dangerously exposed to oncoming, high-speed traffic.  In this case, even the rebar was showing.  This joint was re-welded and ground smooth, and broken concrete was blown out and repaired with FlexKrete.  The busy traffic lane was reopened to traffic after being closed for only TWO HOURS, from start to finish!

Broken Pieces
After making certain that the base is tightly compacted and solid, FlexKrete can even be used over broken pieces of concrete without removing them.

Driveways, sidewalks, ramps, decks, etc., can be repaired and resurfaced, then returned to service in about an hour.  For decorative areas, colored aggregates, silicas, or colored sealants may be used.

Steps / Stairways
Steps & Stairways:  The crumbled concrete in metal-pan steps, as well as the risers and steps on complete stairways, can be totally refurbished like new…(really better)!  FlexKrete will also adhere to asphalt, steel and wood.

A gated community entrance was repaired, then opened to normal traffic in about an hour, keeping all the residents very happy.

Industrial warehouse floor repair allows a smooth transition for forklifts, as well as pedestrian traffic.

Virtually Hidden
By adjusting the amount and color of aggregate added, FlexKrete will blend closely to old or new concrete.  Spall “sprawl” (the rapid deterioration of the top surface), can be stopped at a fraction of the cost of the traditional removal method.

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